Revolutionizing seed metering and distribution
The UltraPro™ on-frame tanks and distribution system saves on seed costs by delivering seeds more uniformly than ever before. Consisting of the UltraPro on-frame tank, three different seed rollers including the UltraPro canola roller, individual seed distribution lines, and low-speed fans, the UltraPro system provides accurate, seedrow-specific metering.

The UltraPro canola roller precisely meters canola seed, enabling many farmers to reduce seeding rates and still achieve optimum yields. Save up to $69,750 in seed costs on 2,500 acres of canola.

Advanced individual row metering

All on-frame SeedMaster UltraPro tanks, including the 20-bushel front-mount tank, the rear-mounted 40- 190- and 340-bushel seed-only tanks, and the dual seed/fertilizer rear-mount tanks with up to 600-bushel capacity, feature a non-pressurized tank and come equipped with three different rollers for canola, cereals, pulses and fertilizer.

Each seed and fertilizer opener has an individual distribution line leading directly from the roller to each opener without going through manifolds. Seed is gently dropped into individual distribution lines, and low-speed fans gently move singulated seed directly to openers, spacing seed with remarkable accuracy. Our low-pressure fans eliminate the seed damage common with bulk metering systems that use high fan speeds and manifold distribution heads.

Precise canola metering

The UltraPro canola roller is the next evolution in SeedMaster’s individual row metering system. It features a ¼ inch roller for every opener, metering an equal amount of seed into each distribution line with unmatched precision, evenly spacing out the seed, and reducing uneven clumps and gaps that can occur with most bulk metering rollers. The UltraPro canola roller results in less seed damage and more uniform stand establishment. SeedMaster growers have found that they can lower canola seeding rates with confidence when using the UltraPro seeding system.

  • Uniform seeding rates across the width of the toolbar with minimal variance between seed counts per row; competitor bulk metering systems vary seed counts per row from 15–45% across the width of the toolbar.
  • Seed spacing is incredibly consistent with 88% of canola seeds spaced between one and three inches apart and 100% between 0.75 and 3.75 inches apart.
Improved profitability

With precise metering of canola seed, the UltraPro canola roller not only helps farmers cut seed costs, but also brings important agronomic benefits. Uniformly spaced plants have equal access to moisture, nutrients, and sunlight, reducing inter-plant competition for these precious resources.

Accurate metering, individual row distribution, and precise seed placement with SeedMaster’s independent row openers, means many farmers are achieving maximum yield with reduced seeding rates. That’s why many top farmers are choosing SeedMaster’s UltraPro canola metering system.

Canola seeded at 3.5 lbs/ac under drought conditions.

UltraPro II

The evolution in precision granular metering.

The UltraPro™ II raises the bar again with two on-frame tanks that provide flexibility in seed, fertilizer and granular inoculant applications:

  • Two on-frame tanks: 320- and 40-bushel
  • Precision, hassle-free metering for all pulse crops with a 25% increase in venturi “throat” size
  • High metering capacity 25% greater than first generation UltraPro
  • Precision metering from two tanks into one air stream, eliminating the need for a dual-shoot seed boot
  • Accurately places granular inoculant alongside pulse crop seed
  • Gentle handling of pulse seed to reduce seed damage and improve germination
  • Ability to place safe rates of phosphorus with canola in the seedrow

UltraPro II 360 with 40- and 320-bushel on-frame tanks and Nova 780

Large fan moves two products into each seed run.

Pneumatic cylinders control production flow.

High-speed conveyor reaches all tanks.