“Extremely pleased with emergence and yield. Canola came out of the ground 5 days after seeding into cool soil. Very uniform plant emergence.”

- Claire Decock, Decock Farms, Langenburg, SK 4010 TXB



“SeedMaster has the most uniform emergence of any seeder on the market. I am a certified seed grower, and stand uniformity and occupancy is important. Seed placement is so accurate that I don’t have to put on any extra seed to ensure a good stand. This means a big savings for me, with the costs of foundation seed.”

- David Broberg, Cut Bank, Montana 8814 SXX 305

“Canola and flax had quick emergence with even stands even with 2-3 times the normal rainfall in the season. The canola matured so uniformly — even in these wet conditions — that we had no green count discounts.”

- Marvin Thorn, Bottineau, North Dakota 4012 SXL 1333


On uniformity and speed of emergence:

“On a scale of 1 to 10, a 10. The accuracy of the SeedMaster is superb.”

- Daryl Devos, Bruxelles, MB 3310 TXB

“Excellent yield and evenness of maturity — especially in canola. With our previous drill, we always had problems with green count. With the SeedMaster, our green counts are down to NIL.”

- Isaac Dyck, La Crete, AB 4812 TXB


“The fertilizer placement of the SeedMaster is not too close and not too far from the seed. It is perfect. When it comes to emergence, there is no other drill on the market that can compete with the SeedMaster … every seed germinates.”

- Paul Glessing, Mohall, North Dakota 4012 TXB

“Best crop we ever grew … Being seed growers and cleaning the crop, we noticed a very low weed growth partly due to perfect emergence and uniform crop. The crop jumps ahead of the weeds. The most uniform crop we’ve ever had — even with average seeding speeds at 5.5 mph.”

- Dale Bolt, Bolt Seed Farms, Wynyard, SK 6012 TXB


“With the SeedMaster, there is no game of ”hide-and-seek“ going on between the seed and fertilizer. All the seeds are up and growing at the same time. With the SeedMaster, our yields have never been so good and we never have to play a guessing game with when we swath canola. A beautiful thing to see.”

- Ron Lamb, F. R. Lamb Farms Ltd, Wishart, SK 5612 SXL 2100

“I have had my SeedMaster for more than 3 years now. It seems like every kernel of grain grows. I have the best crops with the SeedMaster. A low-maintenance seeder that gives you quick, uniform emergence.”

- Jim Isbister, Drake, SK 5012 SXG 550



“Very easy to set and operate. It goes through trash great, and leaves a smoother field-finish than we’ve had in the past.”

- Paul & Jerry Weber, Carlyle, SK 6012 SXG 604

“In 30 years of farming, SeedMaster is the first air seeder to give me uniform seed depth and germination on the hills and in the flat spots. the SeedMaster doesn’t move three or four feet on side hills like our last seeder. The on-frame seed and fertilizer tank seems to anchor it, and it’s effective in following the contour of the land. Our yields have jumped more than 12% with SeedMaster.”

- Eldon Konschuh, Cluny, AB 6412 SXG 604

“I like the heavy construction of the equipment — it’s very durable yet low weight. We’re able to get our crop in the ground quickly each spring because seed placement and germination are so consistent, whether the soil is dry or wet. That show up at harvest. The best yields we’ve ever had are behind these machines.”

- Dustin Williams, Souris, MB 7014 CT-SXX 305

“The UltraPro meters so accurately. Other systems send out a clump of seed and then a 15-inch gap. The UltraPro is the only one that evenly spaces seeds throughout the whole row, and the depth is bang on. With the UltraPro, I can seed at 3 lbs/acre or less and still grow a great crop. Auto Zone Command™ saves us around $200/acre, any time you can realize those kinds of savings while growing a strong, uniform crop, there’s no question it’s a must have.”

- Bob Eyolfson, Leslie, SK 7714 SXX 305 with Nova 520



“Other terrain-following drills don’t have the trash clearance that SeedMaster does. It can go through anything. I seeded into the worst conditions a guy could seed into — 3,000 acres of hay fields and 30-year-old pasture that was like concrete. The seed and fertilizer placement was excellent. The germination and uniform growth was amazing. Normally, you’d get 20 bu/acre of canola seeding into a hay stand. We got 35 to 40 bu/acre on every field. Nothing on the market can rival a SeedMaster.”

- Richard Maisonneuve, Donnelly, AB 8814 SXX 305 and 7412 SXX 305