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SeedMaster air drills and air carts are loaded with technology to get the crop in the ground more easily and efficiently.


The XeedSystem is a precision seeding platform that measures product flow through each run. The phototransistor sensors in the XeedSystem continuously monitor and display product flow in real time. The monitor has an instant blockage alarm that is variable-rate compatible. The XeedSystem can identify row-to-row variance in product flow, and the Tunable Towers™ can be adjusted to reduce the variance.

Get 98% seed count accuracy with the XeedSystem. 

The XeedSystem can identify row-to-row variance in product flow. The yellow bars within the display indicate that the product is not being distributed evenly. 

After a variance has been discovered, the Tunable Towers™ can be adjusted to reduce the variance. The green bars across the display indicate that the product is now being distributed evenly. 

Raven Viper Pro™ field computer

The Viper Pro field computer allows growers to control and monitor multiple functions on one display, eliminating in-cab clutter. The Viper Pro integrates many SeedMaster innovations in one convenient location:

  • Overlap Control
    • Auto Zone Command™
    • FLIP™ (Full Last Implement Pass)
  • Real-Time Product Weighing™
  • SmartCal™
  • Matrix™ hydraulic block to allow for partial unfold of toolbar
  • SmartOpeners™
  • AutoLift™
  • Five product variable rate control (VRC)
  • Slingshot®
Slingshot integration has you covered

To get even more from your SeedMaster air drill, Raven Slingshot can be purchased directly from your Raven dealer. Working in conjunction with the Viper 4 monitor, Raven Slingshot is a complete precision system that combines connectivity, on-line services, and hardware to help your SeedMaster system deliver even more. Slingshot offers reliable, high-speed connectivity with cell technology, and incorporates cloud-based data transfer and management, and data security.

Communicate seamlessly between the tractor, home base and the cloud to drive precision agriculture to a whole new level.

Real-Time Product Weighing

Avoid the costly mistake of applying the wrong rates. You’ll always know how much seed or fertilizer is left in each tank—without leaving the cab.

Load cells are standard equipment on all single-product UltraPro ll on-frame tanks, Nova™ tanks and a select number of two-product UltraPro ll on-frame tanks. Real-Time Product Weighing displays live product weights in the cab as you seed, allowing you to monitor bin weights to ensure you have the right amount of product in each bin to finish off fields. It is easy to recalibrate rates on the fly by simply using the SmartCal auto product calibration feature.

Monitoring bin-filling weights is easy with the remote tank console so you can view bin-filling progress without climbing up the ladder. All Nova tanks are equipped with a remote tank monitor station, where a remote tank console is housed. Put the right amount of product in the bins to finish off a field with Real-Time Product Weighing, leaving minimal product in each bin at clean out.

SmartCal, Auto Product Calibration made easy

SmartCal™ comes standard with SeedMaster tanks equipped with load cells. SmartCal compares Raven’s Viper Pro computed product usage to the actual product usage determined by Real-Time Product Weighing. SmartCal determines the percent error and provides a new calibration for the product.

Save set-up time and rest assured that product metering is calibrated accurately—no more over-or-under applying product. Save time and money.

Smart Openers

SmartOpeners lift all openers out of the ground by flipping the openers switch to the “UP” position and will put all the openers in the ground by flipping the openers switch to the “DN” position. Optional SmartOpeners are available for any SeedMaster machine.

Variable Rate Control

SeedMaster drills are ready for Variable Rate Control (VRC). The Viper 4 comes standard with one product unlocked, and a one-time unlock code can be easily purchased to unlock the remaining products for VRC. Combined with Overlap Control and UltraPro metering, prescription farming with VRC drives even more profitability for growers.

Go with the flow

SeedMaster toolbars easily integrate with optional liquid or NH3 third-party flow controls. SeedMaster can install liquid controls or third-party companies can install liquid or NH3 controls. Product flow is easily set up with plug-and-play capabilities with flow meter, control valve and on/off valves. Easily integrate liquid products into variable rate application, and safely handle all liquid products from tank to shank.

Integrated toolbar functions

The Viper 4 enables many of SeedMaster’s toolbar features to make seeding even more efficient:

  • Wing-fold functions – left/right wing locks
  • Smart Hitch
  • Auto adjust Packing Force Sensor™ to set and automatically readjust packing pressure as ground conditions change
Smart Hitch
All drills are built ready to add our leading-edge, patented Smart Hitch™ technology for easy inter-row seeding, a superior seedbed, and higher yields. Many farmers still use the Smart Hitch to keep openers between the rows, because it is such a simple, reliable tool.
Plug-and-Play with ISOBUS Ready

Plug-and-Play with our new ISOBUS-ready machines. Hook up your tractor, any make or colour, to a SeedMaster ISOBUS-compatible air drill and/or air drill with an on-board tank and control your toolbar and up to one product with your existing ISOBUS in-cab tractor monitor virtual terminal. Use your existing monitor to control a SeedMaster air drill and a single product, to eliminate in-cab clutter. Not available for Nova Ready air drills.

With SeedMaster’s ISOBUS Ready technology, you are in control:


  • Smart Hitch™ control
  • Packing pressure control (HYDR or PFS)
  • Matrix™ wing folding control
  • Fan, pressure and weight display area


  • One product rate control with VRA
  • 5-zone Auto Zone Command™ (some conditions apply)
  • Quick calibration with the SeedMaster Seed Rate and Calculator App
  • Simple set up and run screen

An ISO liquid option is also available.

SeedMaster Seed Rate Calculator app

The SeedMaster Seed Rate Calculator is a two-part App. Part one allows a grower to rapidly and effectively calculate a seed rate to achieve a desired plant population within a given field, and calculate how many pounds of seed are required and the associated total cost.

Part two of the App is associated with SeedMaster machines that are controlled by the Raven Viper Pro in-cab monitor. Every granular product requires a calibrated “cal weight” number that controls the rate of the granular metering system, allowing the product to be metered at the desired rate.

The Cal Weight Estimator provides an estimated calibration number for a specific product being metered, meter type used, and drill width. SeedMaster recommends that an initial calibration catch test be performed to ensure calibration accuracy, before unwanted field results occur. This tool will be especially valuable for new operators or when new products are metered.

The Cal Weight Info Submission will allow growers to very easily and quickly send their calibration information to SeedMaster. This will allow SeedMaster to provide a more accurate estimated calibration number to all users of the App. All submissions are reviewed by SeedMaster to ensure validity before becoming a component of the Cal Weight Estimator.

The Cal Weight Note Book is a personal notebook with saved calibration values from a grower’s own specific machine(s). All Cal Weight submissions are automatically stored for the grower for future reference at any time.

Compatibility: This app is optimized for iPhone 5 and requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, as well as Android devices.