SuperSeed. Guaranteed.

SeedMaster guarantees higher profits with a complete SeedMaster seeding system compared to any other new hoe or disc drill and air cart/seeder combination.

Earn more money with SeedMaster—guaranteed

The heart of the guarantee is our claim that SeedMaster’s new complete seeding system will increase farm profits more than any other new hoe drill or disk drill and air cart combination on the market. If, after three years of use, the SeedMaster features have not increased profits, the grower can initiate a buyback.

Save on inputs

In addition to the proven agronomic advantages from SeedMaster seeding systems, research and farmer experience have proven that you can save on inputs.

With precise seed and fertilizer placement, farmers are able to fine tune canola seeding rates to save $69,750 per year on 2,500 acres of canola. And with SeedMaster’s Overlap Control Auto Zone CommandTM technology, farmers are reducing double application of seed and fertilizer in irregular fields to potentially save a total of $105,100 on a 5,000-acre farm.


Qualified purchases

SeedMaster offers this SuperSeed buyback guarantee* on:

Nova Ready Toolbars, UltraPro™ metering systems  and Nova™ Air Cart System combinations

Below are the configurations that apply to this guarantee.

Nova Ready Toolbars

Nova Ready Toolbar Configurations
Drill Size (ft / m) 50', 60', 70', 80' / 15, 18, 21, 24
Row Spacing (in / cm) 12 / 30

UltraPro Metering System

UltraPro 340 Configurations
On-frame Seed Capacity (bu / l) 340 / 11,981

UltraPro II 350 Configurations
On-frame Seed Capacity (bu / l) 350 / 12,333

UltraPro II 360 Configurations
On-frame Seed Capacity (bu / l) 320 / 11,276
On-frame Granular Fertilizer Capacity (bu / l) 40 / 1,410

Nova Air Cart System

Nova Air Cart Configurations
Tow Behind
Total Bushel Capacity (bu / l) 520, 18,234
Total Bushel Capacity (bu / l) 630 / 22,201
Total Bushel Capacity (bu / l) 780 / 27,487
Tow Between
Total Bushel Capacity (bu / l) 630 / 22,200

All units offered for the SuperSeed Guarantee will also include:

Nova Ready Toolbars

  • SmartOpeners TM
  • Tunable Towers TM
  • AutoLift TM
  • Lift KitTM
  • Auto Packing Force Sensor TM


  • AXIS Five-Camera Dystem
  • Slingshot® remote support

UltraPro Metering System & Nova Air Cart System

  • UltraPro and UltraPro II canola rollers
  • SmartCalTM
  • Overlap Control with Auto Zone CommandTM
  • Real-Time Product WeighingTM
  • Hydraulic Lids (Nova Air Cart)

Like all SeedMaster systems, these combinations have proven profitable on a large number of farms and have maintained high resale values as well.

Call 1.888.721.3001 and ask to speak to an ACE Advisor for more information and details.

*The fine print
The buyback value calculation is a based on “from new cash value” with deductions for “base acres” and “extra acres.” These deductions end up being well below the Government of Saskatchewan recognized rental rates. Deductions for damages and knife wear are also calculated.

For example, the usage fee on a 5,000-acre farm using a 70-foot toolbar with an on-frame 340-bushel UltraPro tank and a 520 tow-behind Nova Air Cart (total 860 bushels) is only $14.05 per acre. (Calculation based on single shoot system.)


  1. This offer is for a limited quantity only and is accepted on a first-order basis.
  2. This buyback is not transferable.
  3. This buyback option is not available to custom operators.
  4. This buyback is not available to SeedMaster employees, SeedMaster dealers or their immediate families.
  5. The remote support Slingshot unit is included in the pricing, but the owner must pay the yearly activation fee.
For a full understanding of the units available on this program, and the buyback details, contact one of SeedMaster’s ACE Advisors.