Please read through the following guidelines to ensure a SeedMaster Seed Foundation grant is appropriate for your fundraising event.

A SeedMaster Seed Foundation grant comes with much more than the finances to help you pay for those necessary expenses. The Seed Foundation is mandated to provide qualified grant applicants with promotional assistance to ensure they have successful, well-attended events.
  • Financial support
  • Leverage to secure additional sponsorships
  • Marketing and promotional assistance
  • Press release hints
  • Event planning guidance
  • A social media campaign
  • An email campaign to all SeedMaster clientele and dealerships in your area
  • Announcements on the Seed Foundation and SeedMaster websites
Application Deadlines

For events in March, April or May, apply by JANUARY 15


For events in June, July or August, apply by APRIL 15


For events in September, October or November, apply by JULY 15

For events in December, January or February, apply by OCTOBER 15
Fundraiser Examples
The following is a list of the type of fundraising events to which the Seed Foundation has awarded grant money. This list is by no means exhaustive, as the Seed Foundation encourages you to be innovative, unique, and entrepreneurial when planning your event.
  • Live auctions
  • Dine and dance evenings
  • Steak nights
  • Dinner theatres
  • Silent auctions
  • Celebrity dinners
  • Galas
  • Comedy nights
  • Concerts
  • Barn dances
  • Car rallies
  • Car derbies
  • Carnivals
  • Walk-a-thons
  • Marathons
Eligible Causes
SeedMaster Seed Foundation is interested in a wide range of socially conscious and community-strengthening causes. A cause could be defined as, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Capital campaigns for
    • Community buildings
    • Hospitals
    • Care homes
    • Museums
    • Galleries
    • Parks
    • Play parks
    • Swimming pools
    • Rinks
  • Fundraising to pay for arts or cultural events
  • Fundraising for educational programming
  • Community emergencies or disaster relief
  • Fundraising for an individual or a family with a health care crisis
  • Youth-focused initiatives
  • Initiatives focused on elder care
  • Programs focused on anti-poverty
  • Employment programs
Eligible Expenses

Seed Foundation grants are designed to help cover overhead costs for your fundraisers so you can have the confidence to dream bigger and be more entrepreneurial in your thinking. Ultimately, Seed Foundation grants are designed to be leverage toward making more profit.

Eligible expenses are as follows:

  • Food supplies or catering
  • Entertainment costs
  • Keynote speaker fees
  • Fundraising mentorship or workshop fees
  • Hall rental
  • Supplies
  • Equipment rental
  • Advertising and promotion costs
  • Printing
  • Other expenses directly related to the fundraising project

Note: We do not provide money to pay for the expenses associated with the selling of alcohol.

Ineligible Applicants
  • Sponsorship drives without a clear fundraising event
  • Causes that do not legitimately benefit the community
  • Fundraising projects completed prior to the time of the grant application
  • Projects that are unable to demonstrate a profit
  • Projects with less profit than the requested grant amount
  • For-profit companies
  • Political parties
  • Organizations promoting a particular faith
  • Organizations promoting hate dogma
  • Organizations associated with illegal activities
Grant Amounts

Seed Foundation grants range from $1,000 to $5,000 and will be awarded according to merit and availability of funds.

Awards over $3,000 will be considered if the applicant makes an extraordinary case for how the funds are necessary to the success of an outstanding fundraising event with an exceptional social cause.

Grant requests should be no more than a quarter of your projected profit. For example, a grant request of $5,000 would require that you profit at least $20,000.

Fundraising projects that are not able to demonstrate an ability to generate a profit will not be funded.

An independent panel of jurors with appropriate knowledge and experience assesses applications through a competitive process based on the following adjudication criteria: community impact, sound and sufficient planning, profitability, and budget.


Download and complete the budget template provided on the application page. This budget should pertain only to the expenses and revenue associated with the fundraising event you are planning. List all revenue and expenses, including ‘in-kind’ resources and private donations. The budget must show a profit of at least four times the grant money you are requesting.


Indicate whether funding is confirmed or unconfirmed (existing or potential).

Indicate which expenses (full or partial) you would like covered by a Seed Foundation grant. Eligible expenses can include, but are not limited to, items such as food supplies or catering, entertainment expenses, keynote speaker fees, travel and accommodation expenses, equipment rental, materials costs, equipment and other capital costs, fundraising mentorship or workshop fees, promotion and advertising costs, website development or social media campaigns, and other expenses directly related to the proposed project.

Note: Expenses associated with the sale of alcohol will not be covered by a Seed Foundation grant.