Overlap Control

Save up to 15 percent on inputs
Overlap Control prevents double application of seed and fertilizer in irregular fields and at headlands. As farm sizes continue to grow and air drills become wider, overlap becomes a bigger issue with increased waste of seed and fertilizer inputs.

Overlap Control is standard on all SeedMaster tanks—granular and liquid/NH3—and generates considerable cost savings of five to 15 percent on many farms.

Save $35,350 on 5,000 acres of canola and wheat with an average input cost of $87.31 per acre with canola seeded at three pounds per acre, and an average overlap reduction of 8.1 percent. Individual results will very depending on average field overlap and seed and fertilizer costs.


Better crops

Reducing double application of seed and fertilizer does more than save on inputs—it provides better agronomics. Farmers understand the problems double seeded areas cause:

  • Earlier maturity, creating harvest timing problems and the possibility of shattering losses
  • Lodging because of increased fertility
  • Lower yield because of increased competition for moisture and nutrients
  • Potential for more green seed
You work hard to grow the best crop, and Overlap Control helps you get the most out of every acre of land.

SeedMaster’s patented Overlap Control is powered by two key technologies, Auto Zone Command™ and FLIP™ (Full Last Implement Pass) software. Together, they put you in control of overlaps:

  • Save on inputs
  • Reduce agronomic problems on overlaps like earlier maturity, stunted crops, and reduced yields
  • Simple and trouble free
  • Works automatically with GPS and auto steer
Auto Zone Command – The Leader in Overlap Control
All SeedMaster tanks are equipped with Auto Zone Command, the simplest and most effective overlap control technology available. And the bigger the air drill, the better the payback.
Simple and economical

Our Auto Zone Command is simple and trouble free. Pneumatic cylinders start and stop the metering rollers automatically. Instantly halt product flow in overlap areas with up to five zones on our on-frame UltraPro 11 tanks, and up to 10 zones on our Nova™ carts.

Control more zones

The more zones on your tank, the greater the cost savings you’ll gain with overlap control. With an industry-leading 10 zones on SeedMaster Nova carts, you’ll save even more because no other air tank offers as many zones. SeedMaster’ Overlap Control delivers on input savings, making SeedMaster the clear leader in overlap control technology.

FLIP over improved overlap management
FLIP (Full Last Implement Pass) brings additional savings in Overlap Control. Working in conjunction with Auto Zone Command, FLIP brings the extra benefit of reducing disturbance and compaction of previously seeded areas of the field around the headlands.
FLIP in action

With FLIP, the headland is seeded first, and a virtual headland is established beside it. The field is seeded as normal, but when the air drill encounters the virtual headland on each A/B pass, Auto Zone Command shuts off product flow in each zone on the tank and Auto Lift automatically lifts the openers. Once the field is completely sown, the virtual headland is seeded last—no double seeded areas and significant input savings.