The Revolutionary SeedMaster Opener

A simple but powerful concept that changed how farmers put their seed in the ground. Fast, uniform germination and emergence puts more money in your pocket.

This is the opener that started a revolution in seeding technology over 20 years ago. Norbert Beaujot: SeedMaster founder, president, professional engineer and farmer, developed this simple but powerful concept—the first active-hydraulic, ground-following individual row opener. Today, while other manufacturers imitate our opener design, SeedMaster continues to refine our design to deliver even better seed and fertilizer placement.

Pinpoint seed and fertilizer placement

Our dual knife system ensures precise fertilizer and seed placement with optimum seed and fertilizer separation. Seed is placed accurately for uniform germination. Fertilizer is close enough for optimum use efficiency but far enough away to eliminate the worry of seed burn: fertilizer is always 1.5 inches to the side and 0.75 inches deeper than the seed.

Maximum agronomic performance for a high-yielding crop.

Accurate Product Placement — Dual Shoot Seed Boot

The dual shoot seed boot delivers two air streams, allowing the placement of seed and starter fertilizer, or peas and inoculant in the seed row. The design places the packer tire slightly closer to the seed knife, allowing better placement without sacrificing mud clearance. The dual shoot seed boot provides more accurate product placement and the increased product release area allows more airflow with reduced backfeed.

Depth setting made easy

In 2016, SeedMaster introduced the Quick Depth Change Tool which simplifies the adjustment by eliminating the need for a pin adjustment on each opener. Simply hang the tool on the opener at the desired depth point, loosen the retaining nut with a wrench, adjust, and retighten. Every opener has a quick depth setting that is simple, rugged and foolproof. The factory setting for seed depth is ¾ inch. Fertilizer is placed at the same optimum depth and separation from the seed, no matter the seeding depth. To add this option to your drill, contact your local SeedMaster Dealer. 

No compromises

On rolling hills, uneven fields, or manoeuvring around sloughs, the result is always the same with SeedMaster openers—no-compromise product placement for a high-yielding crop. Each opener works independently with maintenance-free pivot points at the frame. An adjustable hydraulic cylinder maintains precise seeding depth accuracy no matter the depth.

Direct, on-row packing

Two tires in one. Our tire-in-tire packer wheel features a solid inner core and flexible outer shell. It’s a non-pressurized, maintenance-free packer tire that eliminates flats. At the same time, it maintains mud-release flexibility just like a fully inflated pneumatic tire.

Our longest lasting knives, yet!
Our extended-wear TruBand™ angled seed knife is ⅝ inches wide with a carbide tip to give a side-soil push, which guarantees safe seed and fertilizer separation. The carbide tip is now thicker and offers 70 percent more coverage on wear surfaces for extended life and lower operating costs.
Our extended-wear, ½-inch wide fertilizer knife has a thick carbide tip with 70 percent more coverage area on wear surfaces for longer life. Aggressive penetration angle and excellent lateral stability ensures precise product placement. Designed for any combination of granular, liquid and NH3 fertilizer.
Reducing residue build-up

More patented SeedMaster technology. Our stainless steel deflector prevents residue from accumulating on knives to virtually eliminate plugging, and ensures optimal product placement with a smoother field finish. You’ll improve seeding efficiency and eliminate those painful lift-and-circle-back moments to clear trash.

Freedom from maintenance

Twine and mud guards protect packer wheel bearings and hubs to provide extremely durable operation.

For added convenience, an optional numbered opener decal package is available to help you keep track of each opener for better record keeping and maintenance scheduling.

Our opener system is designed to reduce maintenance and down time. Maintenance-free pivots at the toolbar and fertilizer shank eliminate the need for daily greasing of bearings and pivot points. Anti-corrosion processing and superior powder-coat finishes ensure smooth, long-lasting performance.

Each hydraulic cylinder utilizes top-quality chrome rods for extended, corrosion-free wear, and is manufactured in Canada to ISO standards. The cylinders have low hydraulic pressure requirements due to aggressive penetration and hyper-efficient Matrix™ hydraulic block. The double-bushing configuration and long-life cylinder mounts ensure gentle hydraulic trip of openers on rocky land.