Nova Air Carts

A new era in extreme product delivery
The Nova™ air cart is the perfect match for SeedMaster’s large air drills—the widest toolbars on the continent. With superior distribution and metering, the Nova delivers remarkable distribution accuracy and improved seeding efficiency.

Nova’s enormous distribution capacity lets you seed more acres per fill and handle up to four products at once, making it ideal for varying fertilizer rates and blending on the go.

NOVA 520
Features two 260-bushel tanks.

NOVA 630
Two 260-bushel tanks plus a 110-bushel tank. Available in tow-between or tow-behind models.

NOVA 780
Three 260-bushel tanks.

Designed for you

SeedMaster’s innovative modular design allows growers to build two-, three-, or four-tank units with 520- to 820-bushel capacity in many combinations of seed and fertilizer. From smaller toolbars right up to SeedMaster’s 100-foot toolbar, the Nova cart delivers unprecedented product distribution from tank to shank—for precise seed and fertilizer placement.

But SeedMaster doesn’t stop there. Truly innovative features like Overlap Control, load cells on Nova tanks, remote tank console, and SmartCal™ for easy product monitoring and calibration come standard, and help to make seeding faster and more efficient. Find out more.

With massive capacity, the Nova cart can meter up to 350 pounds per acre in each of the dual airstreams on a 48-foot to 100-foot air drill at 5 mph without plugging.

And the Nova 630 tow-between is loaded with all the benefits of Nova tow-behind carts to meet the unique needs of growers looking for a tow-between cart.

The remote-controlled hydraulic lids on Nova tanks increase safety and convenience during filling by eliminating the need to climb tanks to close lids. The foolproof design ensures the lids must be closed before the fans are engaged, so you can be assured that product delivery is never compromised.

Liquid or dry

Non-corrodible, rotationally moulded tanks can be set up for either liquid or dry fertilizer at the factory on the Nova tow-behind carts, each holding up to 260 bushels or 2,000 imperial gallons. An optional 40-bushel buddy tank can be added for inoculants or small seed. The optional 110-bushel tank on the Nova 630 cart is set up for dry product only.

Single or double shoot

Set up the Nova cart for single or double shoot. Or combine the Nova air cart with an UltraPro™ on-frame seed tank for even greater capacity—single shoot fertilizer from the Nova air cart and seed from the UltraPro tank.

Superior Distribution

Avoid downtime caused by plugging and seed crops faster with SeedMaster’s new manifold. Two types of rubber inserts are used for guiding product in the manifold head. Cone-shaped inserts optimize separation and product delivery for seed. The low seed rates provide even division and distribution. SeedMaster’s manifolds are very resistant to blockages from large-sized seeds. Improved distribution rings require no maintenance and facilitate initial product randomization.

For fertilizer distribution, the manifolds utilize flat inserts to optimize product delivery by providing excellent division at high rates of fertilizer. The inserts are easily swappable and the steel chokes require no maintenance. Manifolds are available with six, eight or 10 outlets, spanning up to 90 feet with 12-inch row spacing.

In the Zone for Increased Capacity

With up to 10 primary seed and 10 primary fertilizer runs, distribution capacity is increased by up to 50 percent. Each primary run has its own metering roller, distribution manifold, and isolated airflow for outstanding air efficiency and product flow.

Run low air speeds for canola, high speeds for fertilizer, and balance airflow across long and short runs to prevent bounce and blow out.

The 260-bushel tanks meter product from 20 pounds per acre up to more than 400 pounds per acre, depending on factors such as ground speed, product type and humidity.

Nova carts come equipped with high capacity 8-inch fans.


Wide walkways and high railings ensure operator safety.

Easy fold-up ladder

Ladders on either the UltraPro or Nova fold up for transport.

High capacity to carry the load

SeedMaster started with innovative design and a rugged frame designed to carry the large loads of high-capacity Nova air carts, built from the ground up.

High flotation tires were selected to reduce compaction and keep you moving on wet soils. Spend more time seeding and less time worrying about the weather.

  • Dual 710/70R38 tires on 780- and 820-bushel models (optional on 520, 560, and 630 models)
  • Single 800/65R32 tires on 520-, 560-, and 630-bushel models
New for 2016, SeedMaster will offer optional, factory-installed Camoplast® tracks on all Nova air cart models for high flotation and reduced compaction.
Trailed Track System

SeedMaster is now offering Camso™ (formerly Camoplast®) track options for its toolbars and Nova air carts. The track option will provide farmers with greater floatation on wet soils and lower compaction.

The Camso Trailed Track System (TTS) is designed for larger footprints allowing higher weight capacity and low ground pressure performance. The tracks have low rolling and turning resistance for ease of pulling, and are the perfect choice for large fertilizer carts. The small frame TTS series is uniquely designed to provide a large footprint in a small under carriage package that fits SeedMaster Nova-ready toolbars for superior flotation compared to tires.

Camso tracks are the perfect fit for SeedMaster. Not only is it the leading manufacturer of belts and track assemblies in the world, it is the only manufacturer with sizes that work on all SeedMaster seeding systems.

  • Reduced maintenance — no greasing or repacking of bearing
  • Stamped, steel wheel construction for increased strength
  • Heavy-duty wheel hubs with oil bath
  • Reduces ridging or berming on headlands
  • Designed exclusively for trailed applications
  • Lowers rolling resistance for ease of pulling
  • Simplifies the alignment process to support long track life
  • Swing link design with push/pull adjusters and positive locking feature
  • Ensures proper operation of the system without any additional adjustments or maintenance
  • Mechanical spring track tensioner actively maintains tension
  • Increased durability
  • Strong, rigid frame design
  • Maintains greater ground contact and support on uneven terrain
  • Improves cart stability and product placement
  • Patented double oscillating bogie wheels

More productivity with technology

Each Nova cart is loaded with technology to improve seeding efficiency and productivity.

  • Variable-rate-control ready
  • Real-Time Product Weighing™ so you know exactly how much product is in the tank
  • Overlap Control saves you money on seed and fertilizer inputs
  • SmartCal™ ready, saving seed and fertilizer by ensuring accurate product metering
  • Raven Viper Pro™ in-cab monitoring
  • Slingshot® RTK for optional seed-between-the-rows capabilities

Knowing that time goes by quickly during seeding, SeedMaster designed additional options to keep you moving and to get the crop in the ground during the narrow spring-seeding window.

40-bushel tank for additional capacity

A 40-bushel rear-mount tank is available for additional product capacity. Use it for small seed, inoculants or micronutrient fertilizers, for even more flexibility and seeding efficiency. The 40-bushel tank does not have an UltraPro roller and is not available on the Nova 630 tow-between.

Truck-height loading and waist-height access to the 40-bushel tank is safe and convenient.

Load up fast

The high-capacity, user-friendly conveyor is fast at 100 bushels per minute. Fill all three 260-bushel tanks in about three minutes each, and the UltraPro 340 bushel on-frame tank in less than four minutes. With load cells and remote monitor, the operator is in complete control of the fill process from ground level, eliminating the need to run up and down ladders to monitor filling progress.

The conveyor comes with a kick-out bottom transfer conveyor for reaching under semis, and an extra work light at the top of the conveyor. It is hydraulically positioned and activated for fast and easy loading to keep you moving.

820-8-D 820-8-S 780-8-D 780-8-S 630-8-D 630-8-S 560-8-D 560-8-S 520-8-D 520-8-S 630-8-D 630-8-S
820-10-D 820-10-S 780-10-D 780-10-S 630-10-D 630-10-S 560-10-D 560-10-S 520-10-D 520-10-S 630-10-D 630-10-S
Total bushel capacity 820 820 780 780 630 630 560 560 520 520 630 630
Auto Zone sections 8 or 10 8 or 10 8 or 10 8 or 10 8 or 10 8 or 10 8 or 10 8 or 10 8 or 10 8 or 10 8 or 10 8 or 10
Double/single shoot D S D S D S D S D S D S
Dry weight lbs. (approx.)* 29,500 29,000 27,700 27,200 19,400 18,900 17,500 17,000 15,500 15,000 20,000 19,500
Length with conveyor 43′ 43′ 42′ 42′ 35′ 35′ 36′ 36′ 35′ 35′ 35′ 35′
Length without conveyor 43′ 43′ 38′ 38′ 35′ 35′ 36′ 36′ 31′ 31′ 30′ 30′
Width – single tires NA NA NA NA 16′ 16′ 16′ 16′ 16′ 16′ NA NA
Width – dual tires 21′6″ 21′6″ 21′6″ 21′6″ 21′6″ 21′6″ 21′6″ 21′6″ 21′6″ 21′6″ 21′6″ 21′6″
Width – tracks 21′ 21′ 21′ 21′ 21′ 21′ 21′ 21′ 21′ 21′ 21′ 21′
#of 260 bu tanks 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
# of 110 bu tanks NA NA NA NA 1 1 NA NA NA NA 1 1
40 bu rear-mount tank NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Real-time weighing (tanks) 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 3 3
External scale monitor (calibration & loading scale readouts)
In-cab scale readout (requires Viper Pro™ monitor)
Auto Zone Command™ (requires Viper Pro monitor)
High-capacity 8" fans (double/single shoot) 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1
Dual cart wheels 710-70R38 on 1030 hubs Optional Optional Optional Optional
Single cart wheels 800-65R32 on 1020 hubs NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Liquid fertilizer (change 260 bu. tank to 2000 imp gal) Optional Optional Optional Optional NA NA Optional Optional Optional Optional NA NA
High-capacity all-hydraulic 16/28 conveyor with slide-out hopper Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

*All weights & widths are for standard tire option. Weights include conveyor and mount, approximately 2,800 lbs.

Standard Nova Features

Choose from the 520-, 630-, or 780-bushel cart in single or double shoot configurations and 8 or 10 auto zone sections.

  • Nova 520 with two 260-bushel tanks
  • Nova 630 with two 260-bushel tanks and one 110-bushel tank available as a tow-between or tow-behind model
  • Nova 780 with three 260-bushel tanks
Included features on all Standard Nova Air Carts
  • Dual 710/70R38 tires on 780-bushel model
  • Single 800/65R32 tires on 520- and 630-bushel model
  • Work lights illuminate filling station area
  • Rear quick disconnect and hitch stand for 2½ inch primary hoses
  • Double or single shoot metering. Use the Nova for fertilizer only, or distribute both fertilizer and seed to your openers
  • Isolated airflows run low air speed for canola, high speeds for fertilizer, and balance airflow across long and short runs to prevent bounce and blow out
  • All 780- and 630-bushel models are 10 zone; 10 primary runs to increase your distribution capacity by up to 50 percent
  • 520-bushel models are 8 zone or 10 zone; 60 openers or fewer on 8 zone, and 60 to 80 openers on 10 zone
  • Speed selector on individual meters to match manifold size. Ideal where two manifold sizes are used on the same drill
  • Overlap Control technology eliminates costly overlaps of seed and fertilizer
  • Tanks mounted on load cells send real-time product weight readings to in-cab monitors as you seed
  • Variable Rate (VR) ready for one product with capability of up to five products with Raven high-efficiency hydraulic drive and monitoring. Tanks are VR Ready for your prescription maps in the Viper Pro
  • Raven Viper Pro remote monitor makes calibration easy and also allows you to monitor tank filling from the ground
  • Remote-controlled hydraulic lids powered by fan oil. No more climbing on tanks or forgetting to seal lids
  • High velocity fan for 630 and 780 models
Factory-installed options for Standard Nova Air Carts
  • Fill conveyor hydraulically positioned and activated, high capacity (100 bu/min.), with kick-out bottom transfer conveyor for reaching under semis. Comes with extra work light on fill conveyor top
  • 40-bushel rear mount tank (not UltraPro). Not available on Nova 630 tow-between
  • Dual 710 tire upgrade. (Already standard on 780)
  • No Tires track option with credit towards purchase