09 Jul, 2015

For over 20 years, SeedMaster has been at the forefront of seeding innovation, and today, the tradition continues. For 2015, SeedMaster is working on innovations that will help make seeding faster, more efficient and more convenient.

“We have a few new technologies that will improve seeding efficiency. We’re still refining some of them, but hope they will be available on new 2016 machines,” says Owen Kinch, Research Farm Manager with SeedMaster.

SeedMaster has embarked on a program to allow greater compatibility with third-party control systems. Currently, the ‘brains’ of SeedMaster technology can only talk to Raven Cruizer II™ or Raven Viper Pro™ monitors and controllers. This is about to change as SeedMaster upgrades to ISO nodes for John Deere® monitors.

“By communicating with third-party monitors like John Deere’s GS II system, farmers will be able to eliminate the Raven monitor to help save on costs and reduce in-cab clutter,” says Kinch. “The development of ISO nodes will be a big selling feature.”

For 2016 production models, SeedMaster is offering Camoplast® track options for its toolbars and Nova™ air carts. The track option will provide farmers with greater floatation on wet soils and lower compaction.

Camoplast is the perfect fit for SeedMaster. Not only is it the leading manufacturer of belts and track assemblies in the world, it is the only manufacturer with sizes that work on all our seeding systems.

SeedMaster’s new manifolds let you seed crops faster by avoiding downtime caused by plugging. The manifolds are very resistant to blockages from large-sized seeds. Improved distribution rings require no maintenance and facilitate initial product randomization.

Two types of rubber inserts guide product flow in the manifold head. Cone-shaped inserts optimize separation and product delivery—even with low seeding rates. For fertilizer distribution, the manifolds utilize flat inserts to optimize product delivery by providing excellent division at high rates of fertilizer. The inserts are easily swappable.

Manifolds are available with six, eight or 10 outlets, spanning up to 90 feet with 12-inch row spacing, or 100 feet with 15-inch row spacing.


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