20 Aug, 2020
CEO Announcement


Norbert Beaujot Welcomes Don Henry
as CEO of SeedMaster Manufacturing

EMERALD PARK, SK (AUGUST 19) - Last week the SeedMaster team gathered in the assembly shop for an exciting announcement. Norbert Beaujot, President of SeedMaster Manufacturing, welcomed a new CEO, Don Henry, to join SeedMaster in their continuous pursuit in building the most precise and reliable seeding technology in the industry. 

“Don’s extensive industry experience along with his farming background made him a perfect fit for this position,” said Norbert Beaujot, President of SeedMaster Manufacturing. “We’ve seen a lot of change over the past few months with Raven’s acquisition of Dot Technology Corp, and we’re excited to welcome Don to help us reset the stage with a renewed focus on our SeedMaster products. His dedication to making farmers more efficient and profitable, along with his passion for seeding technology, stood out to us in a big way - and as we look ahead I’m confident that his skillset will help set us apart and lead us into a promising future.”

Don brings with him 27 years of experience as well as a commendable set of values that will assist in taking SeedMaster to the next level. He graduated from the University of Regina with a degree in business administration majoring in accounting and has worked for a variety of well-known agricultural companies, including South Country Equipment, Morris Industries, Brandt Agricultural Products, and Flexi-Coil.

“I am looking forward to being a part of the next chapter in SeedMaster’s history,” said Henry. “My goal is to work to establish stronger dealer relationships and expand SeedMaster’s market share. If we work together as a team and strive to meet the same goals, we are going to have an organization that will be very hard to beat!”

As SeedMaster continues to develop their product line by challenging conventional seeding methods with their innovative equipment designs, Don will look to strengthen the team by keeping them focused on working together to achieve success.

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SeedMaster develops and manufactures leading edge no-till seeding and planter technology. Based out of Saskatchewan, SeedMaster is committed to building the most precise seeding technology in the industry and strive to help farmers optimize the genetic potential of each and every seed.
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