30 Mar, 2020



Raven’s path to owning 100 per cent of Dot



For Immediate Release

EMERALD PARK, SK (March 30, 2020) - The Beaujot family announced today the decision to sell the remainder of the family’s Dot Technology Corp. ownership to Raven Industries Ltd. Norbert Beaujot, Dot’s founder, emphasizes that the family still believes strongly in the future of Dot.

“The original sale of a majority interest in Dot to Raven that took place in Nov. 2019 put Dot on a new path,” says Dot founder Norbert Beaujot. “This new path added Raven expertise in controls technology, as well as Smart Ag technology (another Raven acquisition), alongside of Dot’s home-grown electronic controls staff to solidify Dot’s electronic powerhouse.”

The immense scope of the electronic development associated with Dot is the main portion of this venture that urged the family to seek outside financial help and direction. The SeedMaster engineering and manufacturing staff (along with Norbert) developed and built all mechanical and hydraulic aspects and features for Dot. This project is very, very large and became a higher risk than the family wanted to carry on their own.


This sale by the Beaujot family of its remaining Dot shares will simplify and streamline Raven’s ability to direct Dot’s path forward. There must be only one driver, and the family will give up the reins to simplify and support Raven’s success with Dot. The Beaujot family and SeedMaster look forward to continued collaboration with Dot and Raven to help produce the most advanced technology for agriculture, not only with the autonomous platform, but also with industry leading farm implements for Dot. 

SeedMaster’s modern manufacturing facility, strong and experienced staff, and relentless focus on innovative engineering puts SeedMaster in an ideal position to not only help Raven in manufacturing Dot but also lead the world with Dot Ready implements that are ideally suited to Western Canadian agriculture.


“We would like to thank all our staff (Dot and SeedMaster), friends, suppliers, Dot third-party implement partners, industry and government individuals who have supported and helped guide Dot through her infancy to where the company is now – it has been the realization of a dream,” says Beaujot. “Again, I wish Raven nothing but success on their path with Dot and I will continue to be a resource to support Dot on her journey to be the historical change for agriculture that she is poised to be.”


SeedMaster develops and manufactures leading edge no-till seeding and planter technology. Based out of Saskatchewan, SeedMaster is committed to increasing efficiency and productivity for farmers. Find out more at seedmaster.ca.


Dot Technology Corp. is a Saskatchewan-based technology company that manufacturers Dot, a patented autonomous diesel-powered platform. For more information, visit seedotrun.com.

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Ashley Murkin

Events and Marketing Coordinator


P: 306-536-1660



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