05 Sep, 2019
SeedMaster Unveils Dot-Ready Planter

Dot Technology Corp unveils new SeedMaster row crop planter at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

Dot Technology Corp. and SeedMaster Manufacturing continue to advance the path to autonomy.

Woodstock, ON (Sept. 5, 2019) The Dot autonomous power platform will be making its Eastern Canadian debut sporting the brand new SeedMaster planter for row crop farmers. Demonstrations running at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, ON September 10 to 12 will showcase how the autonomous machine can enhance efficiencies and ROI for corn and soybean farmers.

SeedMaster’s Dot-Ready planter prototype was designed using the proven technology of SeedMaster Manufacturing and the row crop expertise of Frank Prince of Capricorn Bay Ltd. It features a 12-row unit with 30-inch spacing and currently offers two tank configurations: one 50-bushel seed tank with two 425-gallon liquid tanks, and two 50-bushel seed tanks with one 425-gallon liquid tank. With a focus on versatility, the planter lends itself to easy adjustments and servicing. The planter features electric variable rate vacuum seed meters and variable rate liquid fertilizer options.

The SeedMaster planter joins a growing lineup of Dot-Ready Implements including SeedMaster’s 30-foot Ultra DSR seeder, Pattison Liquid System’s 120-foot Connect PLU120 sprayer, and the New Leader 5G precision fertilizer spreader.  Prioritizing precision and convenience, the control system and sensors on Dot can outperform human-driven tractor-type planters. 

“When Dot first launched, we had many farmers asking when they would see an autonomous planter added to our lineup,” says Norbert Beaujot, founder of SeedMaster Manufacturing and Dot Technology Corp. “We are proud to now have a product for those farmers and we see a bright future for SeedMaster’s Dot-Ready product offerings.”

The SeedMaster planter prototype launch at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show marks the beginning of Dot’s presence in Eastern Canada. “The launch of the planter sends a strong message about the forward-motion of Dot and the industry’s eagerness to join in building autonomous, Dot-Ready Implements for all farming practices, including row cropping,” says Robert Saik, CEO of Dot Technology Corp. “We are excited for farmers to join us at the demo to see Dot run!”

Media can view an exclusive demonstration of the new SeedMaster planter prototype at the SeedMaster and Dot media day on Monday, Sept. 9 at 2:30 p.m. in the West Demo Field of the show site.

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Watch a sneak peek of the SeedMaster planter

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show attendees can see a demonstration of the new SeedMaster planter as well as the SeedMaster Ultra DSR and New Leader G5 spreader at The Evolution of Farming Demonstration presented by Corteva Agriscience. Demos will occur daily at 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. from September 10-12.



Dot Technology Corp. is a Saskatchewan-based technology company that manufacturers Dot, a patented autonomous diesel-powered platform. For more information, visit seedotrun.com.


SeedMaster develops and manufactures leading edge no-till seeding and planter technology. Based out of Saskatchewan, SeedMaster is committed to increasing efficiency and productivity for farmers. Find out more at seedmaster.ca

For more information please contact Aftan Chobot 306-519-8870

SeedMaster and Dot Technology Corp.


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