01 Nov, 2018
Getting to Know New Southern Saskatchewan Territory Manager Adam Geres

Adam joined the sales team in September and according to Anthony Biglieni, Sales Manager and Dealer Development, Adam fits right in: “I’m excited about the addition of Adam as our Southern Saskatchewan Territory Manager (TM). One of the hardest parts of getting up to speed as a TM is getting an understanding of the product, it’s operation and its service needs. Adam’s background and history with SeedMaster give him that edge and make him the ideal candidate for this position. I believe his dealers and their customers will notice that.”

We recently had the opportunity to get in a few questions with SeedMaster’s newest Territory Manager, and here is what he had to say:

How long have you been with SeedMaster?
I have worked with SeedMaster for over 8 years. I started out as welder and did that for 2 years before I transitioned into a service role for an additional 4 years before and finally into my role in Pre-Delivery Inspection where I made sure that the equipment was in excellent shape before sending it out to our dealers and farmers.

What made you decide to throw your hat in for the Territory Manager (TM) role?
I decided to throw my hat in for the Territory Manager Role because I was ready for a change and new challenge. I was also confident in my abilities to meet with farmers and to help them increase their efficiencies and profits on the farm by finding the right unit for them.

What is your favourite part of being a TM so far?
My favorite part of being a TM so far is the dealer interaction. I love getting out and meeting new people and hearing what farmers in my area are interested in and need. What part has been the most difficult to get used to? The most difficult thing so far has been the transition from being an on the floor shop guy who is on his feet all day to a guy with a sales job, there is a lot more sitting – at a desk or in my truck!

How do you like the territory you were given so far? Are you enjoying working closely with dealers and customers?
I feel very fortunate to get the Southern Saskatchewan territory, because it was well taken care of by my predecessor. It’s a very strong and established territory, so it was very easy to walk into it and know exactly what was going on and who to talk to. I love working closely with customers; it’s a good feeling seeing our drill make them money.

If you could tell your dealers and farmers one thing about yourself and SeedMaster what would it be?
I’m an upfront and honest person who is here to make sure that the customer gets the best drill for their farm. It is easy to be up front and honest when you work for a company that completely understands what a farmer needs because their farmers too.

Best of luck to Adam in his new position, we know he will do great!


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