07 Apr, 2017
SeedMaster in Australia

As you may be aware, SeedMaster has altered our approach to the Australian marketplace. For many years, we have worked via an importer who did an admirable job distributing within their dealer network. In mid-2016, we made the decision to change directions and sell directly to dealer groups.

Our choice was simple: as we did not see a significant value added by a distributor for the percentage added to a high dollar capital expenditure, we could not justify to end users the cost associated with that. Dealer groups have become much larger than they had been and many have annual sales equal to or greater than that of companies such as ourselves. Multi-location dealers have the capacity to create their own supply chain and back-up. In the end, this also brings us closer to our customers by one step.

We are elated with our first year entry into the Australian market direct to dealer. Sunrise Ag in the Mallee Region of Victoria has done a fantastic job and will be showcasing our products this coming seeding season. Our intention is to add one dealer group per year in the core demand areas, and we are actively seeking Ambassador Farms where appropriate. We want to serve our customers well. We appreciate the patience of those who have our products in areas that currently do not have dealer coverage.

If you are a current SeedMaster owner in Australia, we would love to hear from you, so we can serve you better. Please register your machine and you'll be entered for a chance to win a parts package valued at $2000 AUD!*



Email our Executive Vice President, Trent Meyer at trent@seedmaster.ca.

*Only SeedMaster customers in Australia are eligible. Draw will be made on September 1, 2017. You must complete all required form fields to be eligible. One entry per SeedMaster serial number provided. Parts package will be specific to the machine type of the winner and hold a retail value of $2000 AUD.


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