Our Purpose

Advancing the precision of every farm we touch.

We supply precise, masterful seeding equipment that is inspired by relentless curiosity and an endless obsession with on-farm efficiency and innovation.

Our Position


SeedMaster is a genuine, family-style partner for farmers.

We put farmers first by engineering our products with simplicity in mind and taking time to challenge conventional methods by always asking, "why?" We are dedicated to building the most precise seeding technology in the industry and strive to help farmers optimize the genetic potential of each and every seed.

Our History


In 1991, SeedMaster president and founder, Norbert Beaujot—a farmer himself and a professional engineer—created a simple but powerful concept when he pioneered the first active-hydraulic, ground-following, individual row opener.

Seeing the destructive nature of tillage first hand on his own farm, Norbert set out to find a better way to precisely seed the crop without having to till the land. The move to no-till would help to conserve precious moisture and reduce fuel and equipment operating costs. One-pass seed and fertilizer placement was the goal, but not at the sacrifice of sound agronomics, accurate seed placement and optimal stand establishment.

In the spring of 1992, the first opener prototype was built and used to seed over 1,000 acres on Norbert Beaujot’s farm. Since then, SeedMaster has continued to refine and innovate the opener and air delivery systems to provide a no-till air drill that is second to none for growers around the world.

Along the way, Norbert helped farmers move toward a more sustainable way of farming that reduces wind and water erosion and improves crop productivity and farm profitability.

  • SeedMaster president and founder, Norbert Beaujot, set out to find a better way to seed all crops, including canola, without tilling the land
  • Developed first opener
    • One-pass seed and fertilizer placement
    • Sound agronomics, accurate seed placement, optimal stand establishment
  • Launched Smart Hitch™, enabling farmers to increase yield and precision by seeding between stubble rows
  • Developed new designs for opener, frame, and Smart Hitch
  • Established SeedMaster
  • SeedMaster re-introduced the simplified version of its frame-mounted metering tanks
  • Opened first manufacturing plant
  • Sold seven machines with the new design
  • Opened first production facility
  • Added 15,000 square feet to manufacturing facility
  • Developed 80-foot toolbar — largest in North America
  • Converted Norbert Beaujot’s family farm to SeedMaster Research Farm
  • Developed packing force sensor technology for drills
  • First Master Seeders Conference
  • Released North America’s first 90-foot seeding system — the M90
  • Developed narrow-fold technology for easy drill transport
  • Rolled out liquid fertilizer cart systems
  • Developed row metering system technology
  • Unveiled Lift Kit™ technology
  • Introduced new packer tire technology for all SeedMaster drills (tire-in-tire)
  • Developed auto-adjust Packing Force Sensor™
  • Initiated new overlap control system named FLIP™
  • Officially unveiled UltraPro™ canola meter
  • Auto Zone Command™ overlap control technology introduced
  • Standardized extended-wear fertilizer knives
  • Launched new 820-bushel “Smart Cart” (Nova™ XP) with auto-lids, 10 zones, high rates, isolated air dual shoot, and weigh-scale-enhanced metering technology
  • Unveiled enhanced overlap control and mapping technology — FLIP — launched with a full suite of Raven technology
  • Developed 10-zone metering system
  • Released North America’s first 100-foot seeding system — the M100
  • Developed new corn meter
  • Standardized auto calibration (SmartCal™)
  • Officially released Leader SPEC™ program
  • Began developing new SeedMaster rate calculator app
  • Introduced high-capacity fans for all Nova cart technology
  • Opened new SeedMaster Global USA hub in Kenmare, North Dakota
  • Released new 630-bushel, tow-between Nova XP
  • Introduced Smart Openers™ and Auto Lift™
Awards and Achievements
  • 2011 Canada’s Farm Progress Show Gold Innovation Award – “SeedMaster UltraPro™ Metering System”
  • 2011 Canada’s Farm Progress Show Sterling Innovation Award – “SeedMaster Auto Zone Command™”
  • 2011 Canada’s Farm Progress Show Sterling Innovation Award – “SeedMaster 820-bu Tank”
  • 2013 Canada’s Farm Progress Show Gold Innovation Award – “SeedMaster Full Last Implement Pass”
  • 2015 EY Entrepreneur of the Year – Finalist
What We Do

SeedMaster helps farmers grow better crops—more profitably. We build the lowest-maintenance seeding systems on the market, with terrain-following openers that place seed and fertilizer with pinpoint accuracy.

It’s the reason we’ve developed the most advanced tanks and metering systems available, allowing you to space canola with near-singulation accuracy down the row, and apply high rates of fertilizer on large drills with ease.

And it’s why we offer the largest air drills in North America—up to 100 feet wide—so you can seed more acres per day and get crops in the ground—and out of the ground—quickly.

Choose from a variety of on-board or tow-behind tank systems, drill widths, and row spacing options. No matter what your seeding requirements, SeedMaster has the ultimate seeding solution for your farm.

Who We Are

At SeedMaster, we are a family business—and we’re farmers, too. We know you need to seed thousands of acres, year after year, with perfect product placement and no downtime. And we know that farming is all about finding new efficiencies to drive yield and profitability higher than ever.

Our focus is simple. Unbeatable precision and rugged reliability from tank to shank. That’s our philosophy. But we also understand the underlying drive behind farming—profitability without sacrificing sustainability. We view our customers as partners and work hard to earn and keep your trust. Our whole purpose is to be here to help you grow your farms through seeding innovation.

Our vision is to lead the agriculture industry by producing innovative, reliable and precise seeding solutions that bolster farm success and sustainability. And we know that our success depends on your success. At the end of the day, we want to know that we helped you grow a better crop, more profitably.